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Date : 11-Dec-2011


Many Satsangis are still in Mathura Ashram and are benefitting from the post-Bhandara activities. People are helping in cleaning the whole Mela area which is spread in many kilometers. Swamiji has said that physical work helps in avoiding the diseases and sufferings. When the body is healthy then only one can do Bhajan.

Some states are going to polls next year and the results will bring change in the country.

Babaji’s words

Sufferings will go only with Bhajan. When you do Bhajan, the Karma will be wiped away. The Bhajan which you do is not the real Bhajan, but which you have been told by Guru Maharaj.

When you listen to the soul and start Bhajan the way will open and you will be able to reach your home. Do not give any trouble to anyone. Whenever Mahapurush have come, have stressed on Bhajan. As you progress in Bhajan, you will get the Name- Shabd. When you get that, you feel pleased. It is a boon and you should preserve it, should not disclose it or you would lose it.

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