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Date : 29-Dec-2011


The Kafila of Baba Jaigurudev is travelling across Rajasthan continuously. In this extreme winter Babaji is going to Jaisalmer which is on the border with Pakistan. He is asking the people to follow the path of religion and righteousness. He is urging the Muslims to listen to the words of the holy Koran. He said that if you want to see ‘Khuda’ you should search those saints who have seen God.

The great saint Baba Jaigurudev has said that such massive changes are going to happen which no one has ever imagined. His words will be broadcast live on the internet in the new year so that the whole can listen to His messages in these troubled tomes.

Babaji has said that He is not a Fakir or a Prophet. I am also a human being like you. Whatever God has given to you, he has given to me as well. I have used it whereas you have not. I went to Guru and asked for forgiveness of my sins done in previous births and asked for salvation.

I am neither Hindu, nor Muslim, Christian or any other religion. I am just a human being and listen to all religious scriptures.

But one has to ponder as to why did Mohammad Sahab come, why did Ram come, or why did Jesus come. It is written in all religions that whenever people go away from religion, this happens.

To tell about religion, and to establish Dharma, someone will come.It is written in all religious books that there will come a Mahatma who will change the world.

In future there will be lot of natural calamities and lot of unnatural deaths.

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